Outdoor pots

Poly-stone consists of unsaturated artificial resin mixed with stone grit, but with the appearance of natural stone. These bins are modern, light, durable and frost resistant. Available in black and grey.

These pots are a wonderful addition for any home or garden. The design and color of these concrete pots give them a modern and timeless look. They are made of cement and therefore frost resistant.

The modern Structura planters have an elegant yet contemporary design. The different models with their rough finish add to a warm, friendly atmosphere at every location. They are frost resistant and available in beige and dark-brown. 

These white planters are ideal for garden or terrace. The material used ensures that these planters are light in weight and frost resistant. There are many dimensions available.

Outdoor pots with a nice structure available in different sizes and models.

Made from polyfiber and available in 2 colors: dark brown and cream.