Indoor pots

Pots with a modern and simplistic design that fits into any interior or exterior. The smooth design creates the perfect Urban Jungle.

White ceramic pots with graphic pattern, inspired by traditional craftsmanship.

Flower pots in contemporary colors and materials....

Indoor pots made of high-quality concrete with African inspired patterns. Ideal for planting herbs.

Ochre yellow ceramic flower pots with a graphic pattern that bring a touch of color and originality to any interior.

Decorative pots with earthy look. Plants with green, gray, dark red or purple leaves are extra emphasized by this

These hip pots give everyone's house or garden a trendy feeling. The indoor pots have a pure contemporary appearance and are made of stone.

Embrace the imperfection! With a focus on asymmetry, authenticity and nature, wabi sabi accepts that nothing stays as it is.

Indoor pots in theme of gold, bronze and champagne color ... for those who love festive but soft tones ...

Elegant hanging pots made of glass, concrete, stone or reed. Easy to hang with leather strings, decorative hanging cord or macramé. Perfect to give any interior an extra touch!