About us

Quetzales stands for a unique and wide range of flower pots, planters, wicker baskets, glass vases and decoration at very affordable prices. We follow the latest trends in shapes, materials and styles. That's why we update our range twice a year (January and June) with +/- 600 novelties.

Quetzales is the brainchild of Herman Nissens and Carine Vanrechem. What started in 1979 as a small-scale flower shop grew in 1987 into a professional and customer-oriented wholesaler in flower pots, planters and accessories. We supply to flower shops, decoration shops and garden centers worldwide. Quetzales takes its name from the first country from which it was imported, namely Guatemala. Today we import from China, India, Indonesia, Portugal and our own production facilities in Vietnam and the Philippines.

The company today is run by Carine. In addition to the daily business administration, Carine is also creative brain of the company. Quetzales is a family business where passion, expertise and customer focus flourish.


Grown from a former flower shop, Quetzales knows better than anyone the importance of the right pots or planters for your flowers or plants. The right pottery at the right price adds color to your flowers or plants and in addition creates the necessary added value for your business.

Quetzales therefore offers a wide range of flower pots and planters for each interior at very affordable prices without losing sight of current trends. In addition to pots from natural colors, we also offer elegant and stylish pots made from innovative materials and emerge from surprising designs. Ideal for offering complete flower arrangements, but also suitable for individual sales.


Quetzales is committed to meeting the needs of our customers by continuously improving and by always offering them new and unique pots and planters, made from quality materials that are affordable.


Make pottery and planters affordable without losing sight of the trends.